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Payer-Provider Integration

Health insurance companies and a healthcare provider may greatly benefit from systems integration. Healthcare payer and provider organizations have different goals but need to work together to generate efficiencies. How can we bridge the gap between the two parties?


Allies, Not Adversaries: Partnering with Clinicians in the Value Revolution

A conceptual shift toward seeing clinicians as allies — and not adversaries — is badly needed in the value revolution. Indeed, if long-term cost control is to be successful, those on the front lines must be empowered to serve as champions for higher-value care.

Care Redesign

Counting Better — The Limits and Future of Quality-Based Compensation

Clinicians hunger for compensation strategies that reflect their complex impact on health and high-value care. The process of redesigning reimbursement, however, reveals a threat to the joy and meaning of practicing medicine — and a potential path forward.

Patrick Conway and Francois de Brantes Panel Clip Still: Winners, Losers, and How to Stay in the Care Redesign Game

Care Redesign

Winners, Losers, and Staying in the Game

The “laggards” aren’t any less motivated to improve care or outcomes — it’ll just take the right incentives to get them there.

New Marketplace

Why Does Utah Rank So High in Health Care?

The jury is still out, but demographics and the innovations of two large providers in the state are major factors.

Lawrence Casalino_Sharon Levine_Glenn Steele Panel Clip Still: Turning Health Plan Acquisition into Partnership

New Marketplace

Turning Health Plan Acquisition into Partnership

What would it take for health plan acquisition of medical groups to work?

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A Metrics Moonshot

Reducing the complexity of outcomes reporting might just be the catalyst practicing physicians need to focus on patient health.

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When Do Provider-Sponsored Health Plans Make Sense? Part 2

Why should providers form a Medicare Advantage plan?

New Marketplace

When Do Provider-Sponsored Health Plans Make Sense? Part 1

Fee for service is going to disappear, causing many to be faced with a choice.

David Dranove Video Still: Provider Consolidation - What's Different Today?

New Marketplace

Provider Consolidation: What’s Different Today?

Have current marketplace conditions led to more openness toward consolidation?

Leemore Dafny Video Still: Transforming the Health Care Marketplace

New Marketplace

Transforming the Health Care Marketplace

Leading transformation in the health care system must keep the patient in mind.


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