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Dynamic, engaging, video talks with innovative ideas and best practices that frame important issues.

Arnold Milstein talk still: Targeting, Tailoring, and Trimming Chronic Illness Care

Care Redesign

Targeting, Tailoring, and Trimming Chronic Illness Care

Efforts to improve the overall value of care need to better manage the trajectory of those with chronic illness.

Sean Duffy Talk Still: An Ether Dome Moment for Behavioral Medicine

Patient Engagement II

Behavioral Medicine’s Ether Dome Moment

Good patient engagement design reduces anxiety.

William Golden Talk Still: The Only Answer for a Medicaid Medical Director Is Greater Stewardship

New Marketplace

The Only Answer Is Greater Stewardship

How Arkansas Medicaid is changing people’s attitudes about how to deliver care and to make a sustainable health care system.

Toyin Ajayi Talk Still: The Difference Between Noncompliance and Defiance

Patient Engagement II

The Difference Between Noncompliance and Defiance

How do we align our goals for patient engagement with even the most complex, difficult patients?

Nirav Shah Talk Still: Patient Time: Patient Time: Giving More of What Patients Need

Patient Engagement II

Giving Patients More of What They Need: Time

In health care, we deliver very little quality when defined by a metric that matters most to patients.

Stacey Chang Talk Still: The Hidden Truth of Patient Engagement Design

Patient Engagement II

The Hidden Truth of Patient Engagement

The success of the Toyota Prius can teach us a lot about how to positively engage patients.

Patient Engagement II

We Can Do Better

Imagine an alternative world where we could prevent patients at elevated risk from ever having a heart attack.

Aaron Martin Talk Still: Will These Digital Health Care Innovations Truly Change Care Delivery?

Care Redesign

Will This Innovation Truly Change Health Care?

A former Amazon executive offers tips for achieving scale with digital innovations in health care.

Sachin Jain 04 talk still: How CareMore Embraced Medicaid

New Marketplace

How CareMore Embraced Medicaid

There isn’t a population of patients who needs a culture of caring more than those on Medicaid.

Victor Montori Talk Still: The Invisible Work of the Patient

Care Redesign

The Invisible Work of the Patient

Clinicians need to work with patients to understand not only what’s the matter with their biology, but also what matters to their biography.


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