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Dynamic, engaging, video talks with innovative ideas and best practices that frame important issues.

Brent James Health Care Leaders Talk Still: Clinical Infrastructure Eats Culture for Lunch


Infrastructure Eats Culture for Lunch

The infrastructure that leaders create lasts far longer, and with farther reaching implications, than anything else they do.

Gary Kaplan Health Care Leadership Talk Still: We Change or We Die


“We Change, or We Die”

Nothing is more important than how can we get better every single day to better serve our patients, says the CEO of Virginia Mason Health System.


Physicians Are Facing a Crisis

The CEO of Atrius Health offers suggestions on how to make sure young physicians — who will be caring for us when we’re older — battle burnout.

Tom Lee Talk the Secret Sauce of Health Care Management


The Secret Sauce of Health Care Management

Creating sustained change comes from a leader who does more than just inspire.

Raffaella Sadun Talk Still: Good Management Equals Good Clinical Outcomes


Good Management = Good Clinical Outcomes

Quality of management correlates with clinical outcomes, but the adoption of good management is uneven in health care. How do we close the gap?

The Actionable Possibilities of Scientific Wellness P4 Medicine Systems Medicine - Leroy Hood Talk Still

Care Redesign

The Actionable Possibilities of Scientific Wellness

Systems medicine has given us powerful tools for changing how we think about health care.

Michele Heisler Talk Still: The Power of Social Connectedness and Peer Support Programs

Patient Engagement

The Power of Social Connectedness

We often don’t consider purpose in life and social connectedness when developing health care programs — but we should.

Stephen Swensen08 talk clip still: Care Designed by Patients - Three Wishes

Patient Engagement

What If Our Care Were Designed by Patients?

Patients have only three wishes when it comes to how they want to be cared for, and they’re not as complicated as you might think.

Marc Harrison01_talk_still: Surviving - and Thriving - the Rapid Winds of Change in Healthcare

Leadership II

Surviving — and Thriving — in Rapid Change

What can the health care industry learn from the 1914 Endurance expedition? For one thing: bring everyone home alive.

Leemore Dafny Profit Cycle Talk Still: Rules of Business = Rules of Health Care

New Marketplace

Rules of Business = Rules of Health Care

The same rules of business apply for health care when it comes to new market opportunity.


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