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Getting Out of the Health Care Graveyard Bob Galving Talk Still

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Getting Out of the Health Care Graveyard

A clinician gets on an elevator with a payer and says, what’s all this payment reform stuff? You have three floors to explain it.

David Lansky Pacific Business Group for Health on Solving the Payment Problem from Purchaser Perspective

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Solving the Payment Problem: A Purchaser’s Perspective

You’re spending billions of dollars and you discover wasteful, inappropriate care in your data — what do you do?

Navigating the Good Ship Payment Reform Griffin Myers Panel Clip Still

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Navigating the Good Ship Payment Reform

In navigating toward payment reform, where are we going, and what’s the motive for getting there?

Do Less Not More Reducing Waste in Health Care - New Payment Models Talk Still

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Do Less, Not More—Reducing Waste in Health Care

If the objective is to control spending, why are we pouring billions of dollars into care coordination and high-risk case management instead of developing systems for eliminating waste?

A Payer's Perspective on Drug Pricing - Outcomes-Based Payment Agreements Panel Clip Still

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A Payer’s Perspective on Drug Pricing

How outcomes-based payment agreements between payer and pharma could help resolve issues of drug access and affordability.

Amitabh Chandra Drug Development Drug Pricing Talk Still

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Losing Genetic Lottery, but Winning at Cure

If we don’t get the value-based price for a drug, we let patients go untreated. Would we be willing to do that with cures?

Payment Reform Is a Play We Are All Watching: Leemore Dafny Talk Still

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Payment Reform Is a Play We’re All Watching

We can’t get what we want in payment reform if we’re not clear about what that is.

Brent James Health Care Leaders Talk Still: Clinical Infrastructure Eats Culture for Lunch


Infrastructure Eats Culture for Lunch

The infrastructure that leaders create lasts far longer, and with farther reaching implications, than anything else they do.

Gary Kaplan Health Care Leadership Talk Still: We Change or We Die


“We Change, or We Die”

Nothing is more important than how can we get better every single day to better serve our patients, says the CEO of Virginia Mason Health System.


Physicians Are Facing a Crisis

The CEO of Atrius Health offers suggestions on how to make sure young physicians — who will be caring for us when we’re older — battle burnout.


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