The Perks and Pitfalls of Quality Measures Panel Clip Still

The Perks and Pitfalls of Quality Measures

You know what you like in a mobile phone and can compare different models’ quality. How can patients and providers do that in health care?

Jumping into Value-Based Reimbursement with Two Feet Panel Clip Still

Jumping into Value-Based Reimbursement with Two Feet

What payers would like to see when it comes to engagement in value-based reimbursement and building healthier outcomes.

Value-Based Drug Pricing Is Not a Fair Fight Panel Clip Still

Drug Pricing Is Not a Fair Fight

A payer describes the barriers in moving toward value-based drug pricing.

What If All Value-Based Drugs Are Tremendous? Amitabh Chandra Video Clip Still

What If All Value-Based Drugs Were Tremendous?

What happens if all drugs are tremendous and are paid their value-based price?

Four Principles for Navigating Payment Reform

The changes needed in health care are happening way too slowly. Health care stakeholders must must insist on value in what they pay.

Economic Investment and the Journey to Health Care Value — Part I: Health Care Providers

Early evidence suggests that value-based payment and care delivery can transform our health care system, but providers must increase the momentum for this positive change.

Shift Toward Value-Based Payments in the Industry and at Organizations Is Accelerating

New Marketplace Survey: What’s Next for Payment Reform?

As health care reform struggles to gain traction legislatively, health care professionals report that payment reforms continue to move forward at a moderate pace, and indeed are essential to achieving the Triple Aim.

Patrick Conway and David Cutler head shots

The Highest Quality at a Lower Cost? We Don’t Have That Yet

David Cutler asks Patrick Conway what worked and what didn’t at CMS, advice he’d give to the Trump administration, and his predictions on Medicare and Medicaid.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Value-Based Compensation Model

Changing Health Care Compensation by Rewarding Value-Based Outcomes

Fee-for-service compensation is unsustainable, but what is the solution? Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s proactive new payment model reduces payment for low-value care and uses the savings to reward high-value care.

Reframing the Conversation on Drug Pricing

We can’t afford for current trends to continue. There is only one solution.

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