Illustrative Examples of Health Policies, Possible Goals, and Relevant Evidence Base

Evidence-Based Health Policy

Having a clear framework for characterizing what is, and isn’t, evidence-based health policy is a prerequisite for a rational approach to making policy choices.

Navigating the Good Ship Payment Reform Griffin Myers Panel Clip Still

Navigating the Good Ship Payment Reform

In navigating toward payment reform, where are we going, and what’s the motive for getting there?

Do Less Not More Reducing Waste in Health Care - New Payment Models Talk Still

Do Less, Not More—Reducing Waste in Health Care

If the objective is to control spending, why are we pouring billions of dollars into care coordination and high-risk case management instead of developing systems for eliminating waste?

A Payer's Perspective on Drug Pricing - Outcomes-Based Payment Agreements Panel Clip Still

A Payer’s Perspective on Drug Pricing

How outcomes-based payment agreements between payer and pharma could help resolve issues of drug access and affordability.

U.S. and Canadian Prices of Some Generic Drugs with U.S. Prices That Recently Increased by 1000% or More

The Price of Crossing the Border for Medications

The health and safety risks faced by the many Americans who cannot afford medications necessitate consideration of alternative strategies to provide less expensive medications.

Amitabh Chandra Drug Development Drug Pricing Talk Still

Losing Genetic Lottery, but Winning at Cure

If we don’t get the value-based price for a drug, we let patients go untreated. Would we be willing to do that with cures?

Economic Investment and the Journey to Health Care Value — Part III: Health Care Purchasers

Early successes suggest that value-based purchasing programs can both transform employer-based health care and have a powerful and lasting impact on the economic strength of U.S. businesses.

Single-Payer Health Care Is the Favored Outcome of Future Payment Reform

Survey Snapshot: Deep Frustration with the Current Payment System

Many NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members are frustrated with the pace of value-based payments and expect single-payer health care to gain traction — though maybe not soon enough.

Value-Based Payment Models Payer-Provider Contracts Value-Based Arrangements

Economic Investment and the Journey to Health Care Value — Part II: Health Care Payers

Payers’ broad scale of investment in value-based arrangements makes a compelling case for the importance of sustained efforts to identify effective value-based payment models.

Payment Reform Is a Play We Are All Watching: Leemore Dafny Talk Still

Payment Reform Is a Play We’re All Watching

We can’t get what we want in payment reform if we’re not clear about what that is.

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