Physicians Leading | Leading Physicians

Intermountain Healthcare, Salt Lake City, Utah
July 12, 2017
9:00am-1:00pm MT

With health care in a state of constant change and physician burnout rates reaching crisis levels, organizations need responsive and skilled leaders at the helm.

Health care becomes more complex by the day. Consolidation is driving once-independent physicians to join health systems, payment models are caught between fee-for-service and pay-for-performance, and burnt-out physicians are saying they’ve had enough.

In this free, live web event from NEJM Catalyst, Physicians Leading | Leading Physicians, hosted by Intermountain Healthcare, a slate of industry leaders and researchers — including CEOs from highly regarded health systems — share with you the secrets of leadership development that will help you transform your own organization.

With unique insights from the NEJM Catalyst community of clinicians, clinical leaders, and health care executives, you’ll better understand who is best-suited to meet today’s leadership demands and how they should choose their first priorities. We discuss tangible and actionable information about what credentials (clinical or business) work best in health care leadership roles; how to address pressing issues in today’s provider organizations, including unsustainable burnout rates; and how to create a highly responsive organization.

Join us for insightful presentations, real-world case studies, and an interactive Q&A session with our industry-leading experts.

You will learn:

  • How to lead physicians, how to identify those who want to become leaders, and what are the necessary skill sets.
  • Why physician burnout rates are so high and what are leaders’ roles in responding to this national crisis.
  • What strategies innovative leaders use to bolster their organization’s ability to respond to change.

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Welcome and Introduction

Brent C. James, MD, MStat, Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research and Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

Thomas H. Lee, MD, MSc, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey; Editorial Board, NEJM; Leadership Board Founder, NEJM Catalyst


Opening Talk

Stephen Swensen, MD, MMM, FACR, Medical Director, Professionalism and Peer Support, Intermountain Healthcare; NEJM Catalyst Leadership Theme Leader. Event Chair.


Session 1: Leading Physicians Well

Physicians are essential, independent-minded, and under stress. What abilities do leaders of physicians need today? What experience and professional qualifications? Are MDs the best leaders of other MDs? Or do intangibles like interpersonal skills matter the most? An experienced leader of physicians will share surprising and painful lessons on the essentials of leading physicians, and a business school researcher on leadership will discuss what physicians themselves need to know about health care management.


Thomas H. Lee, MD, MSc, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey; Editorial Board, The New England Journal of Medicine; Leadership Board Founder, NEJM Catalyst

Raffaella Sadun, PhD, Thomas S. Murphy Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


Richard D. Zane, MD, FAAEM, Professor and Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Chief Innovation Officer, UCHealth System




Session 2: Immunizing Against Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is at crisis levels. Why have reported rates of burnout climbed so high, and what are leaders' roles in responding? Burnout is often described as a systemic issue — so how can provider organizations and individual physicians respond effectively? A leading health care researcher and the head of a large physician organization will offer practical solutions.


Brent C. James, MD, MStat, Executive Director, Institute for Healthcare Delivery Research and Vice President and Chief Quality Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

Steven Strongwater, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Atrius Health


Stephen Swensen, MD, MMM, FACR, Event Chair




Session 3: Building Responsive Organizations in a Time of Change

The rate of change in health care will continue to accelerate. To succeed, every organization must build in the ability to respond productively to change. What practices, policies, personal traits, and organizational changes are required for executives and clinical leaders to succeed, and for physicians to thrive? CEOs of two of the nation’s leading health systems will draw on their experiences and training to prepare for the future.


Marc Harrison, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Intermountain Healthcare

Gary S. Kaplan, MD, FACP, FACMPE, FACPE, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Mason Health System


Kenneth H. Paulus, MHA/MHM, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, ReferenceHealth


Closing Remarks

Stephen Swensen, MD, MMM, FACR, Event Chair

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