Care Delivery Innovation: Why, How, and the Impact

Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin
October 16, 2019
1:00pm-5:00pm CT

Care Delivery Innovation: Why, How, and the Impact ended at 5pm CT on October 16, 2019. Recorded versions of each session are now available. View the archive here.

Health care providers, payers, and patients today are all engaged in a search for more effective, less expensive, more satisfying care. They want innovation — not simply in the form of phone apps, but in the ways that health care is delivered.

This free, live Web event from NEJM Catalyst features sessions on innovation in care delivery through expanding the scope of care to increase its impact, reorganizing primary and specialty care, and reframing care delivery to focus on health rather than illness. Our expert speakers and moderators — including health care executives, researchers, and physician leaders — draw on their experiences of organizing health systems, researching innovative models of delivery, and providing direct patient care to give viewers ideas and models to use in their own organizations.

Registrants also receive a free copy of “10 Paths to Innovation in Health Care Delivery.” This collection of original content from NEJM Catalyst explores the many sources and uses of innovation in health care.

You will learn how to:

  • Redefine the meaning of health care and how it is delivered.
  • Move past technology “silver bullets” toward meaningful and impactful innovation.
  • Re-architect primary and specialty care models to improve care delivery for the populations you serve.
  • Rethink care delivery processes to achieve better outcomes at lower costs with less waste and greater patient satisfaction.

Our lineup of expert speakers:




Welcome and Introduction

Namita Seth Mohta, MD, Clinical Editor, NEJM Catalyst; Center for Healthcare Delivery Sciences, Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Opening Talk: Innovations in Care Delivery

Keynote Speaker:

S. Claiborne Johnston, MD, PhD, Dean, Vice President for Medical Affairs, Frank and Charmaine Denius Distinguished Dean’s Chair, Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin

Health care delivery requires a reframing. Ongoing innovation, far more than a technological silver bullet, is needed to create a system of health rather than sick care and improve the effectiveness of care delivery.


Session 1: Why Innovate Now?

A structured discipline of innovation can be used to transform health care delivery. A researcher on improving the performance of care delivery and the head of a social innovation lab will talk about the necessity of expanding the scope of health care.


Margaret Laws, MPP, President and Chief Executive Officer, HopeLab

Asaf Bitton, MD, MPH, Executive Director of Ariadne Labs, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health; Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School


Stacey Chang, MS, Executive Director, Design Institute for Health, The University of Texas at Austin




Session 2: Lessons from Primary and Specialty Care

Innovative health care organizations have already learned how to deliver care in different ways with better outcomes. Hear from the leader of an organization seeking to revolutionize primary care, and another that involves patients in their own specialty care.


Gordon Chen, MD, Chief Medical Officer, ChenMed

Kavita P. Bhavan MD, MHS, FIDSA, Associate Vice Chair of High Value Care and Innovation, Department of Internal Medicine, UT Southwestern Medical Center; Chief Innovation Officer, Parkland Hospital and Health System


Thomas H. Lee, MD, MSc, Leadership Board Founder, NEJM Catalyst; Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey Associates; Editorial Board, the New England Journal of Medicine




Session 3: Innovation’s Impact: Better Health

Health care needs deep change – away from fee-for-service and toward value. Leaders with experience in academic medicine and the public sector will discuss how to transform care delivery on a large scale for a more effective, efficient, and equitable system.


Alice Hm Chen, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Director, San Francisco Health Network; Professor of Medicine, The University of California, San Francisco

Kevin Bozic, MD, MBA, Chair, Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care, Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin


Namita Seth Mohta, MD, Clinical Editor, NEJM Catalyst; Center for Healthcare Delivery Sciences, Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Closing Remarks

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