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Short video clips of key insights from talks and panel discussions among experts and experienced leaders.

Sadun01_panel_clip_still: Managing Physicians Is Like Being on the Atkins Diet

Leadership II

Managing Physicians Is Like the Atkins Diet

You don’t actually live longer, it just feels longer. How do we go about setting up a process so that that’s not the case?

Jeffrey Kosowsky and Rushika Fernandopulle Panel Clip Still: Has the ACA Discouraged Healthcare Innovation?

New Marketplace

Has the ACA Discouraged Innovation?

Should government be involved in health care innovation?

Ajayi02_panel_clip_still: How Do You Measure Patient Trust in Health Care?

Patient Engagement II

How Do You Measure Trust?

Creating an environment that engenders trust is critical, but is it measurable?

Duffy02_panel_clip_still: Can the Uber Experience Apply to Patient Experience?

Patient Engagement II

Can the Uber Experience Apply to Patients?

When it comes to improving patient experience for primary care appointments, we have to flip our thinking.

Stacey Chang and Sean Duffy Panel Clip Still: All Health Care Interventions Fail

Patient Engagement II

All Health Care Interventions Fail

High-fidelity emotional relationships on the other end of an Internet connection are the way of health care’s future.

Panel Clip Still: Why Health Care and Health Care Services Aren't Like Staples or Starbucks

New Marketplace

Why Health Care Isn’t Staples or Starbucks

Health care is local, for better or for worse.

Arnold Milstein Panel Clip Still: Man vs. Machine - Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Care Redesign

Man vs. Machine: Leveraging AI in Health Care

How best to use computer knowledge, instead of being overwhelmed by it.

Hood02 Panel Clip Still: What's the Business Case for Promoting Wellness?

Care Redesign

What’s the Business Case for Promoting Wellness?

…and how do you educate people to want it?

Coye02_panel_clip_still: A Patient-Centered Culture Focuses on Convenience

Care Redesign

A Patient-Centered Culture Focuses on Convenience

Why should we believe something that works at Mayo Clinic would work somewhere else?

Victor Montori01 Panel Clip Still: New Healthcare Innovation: Let Humans Do the Human Thing

Care Redesign

Allow Humans to Do the Human Thing

New innovations can often be yet another thing clinicians have to do on top of everything else, except when they do just the opposite.


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