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Examples of innovations that show successfully implemented experiments within health organizations and suggestions for how to get started at your organization.

Patient Engagement II

Improved Patient Experience through Expansion of Pediatric Outpatient Pharmacy Services

How Texas Children Hospital’s “Meds to Beds” program used outpatient pharmacy to provide discharge prescriptions and achieve a 100% “very satisfied” result from patients and their families.

Care Redesign

Improving Access to Specialist Expertise via eConsult in a Safety-Net Health System

Electronic referral system supports communication between primary care and specialty providers.

New Marketplace

How a Tertiary Care Academic Endoscopy Center Used Time-Driven, Activity-Based Costing to Improve Value

Brigham and Women’s Hospital implemented time-driven activity-based costing (TDABC) methodology to better understand the complex non-operating-room setting of the endoscopy center for the purpose of improving resource management and practice care design.

Care Redesign

Toward Accountable Care: Achieving Value and Integration via Population Health Management

Camden Clinical Commissioning Group, a local health planning organization in London, developed a Population Health Management Tool to provide them with a greater understanding of the needs of different segments of the population, resulting in improved outcomes and reduced costs through the delivery of appropriate care.

Care Redesign

Effective Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure Through a Health System–Community Clinic Partnership

An innovative health system/community clinic partnership improves care and reduces costs for uninsured patients with congestive heart failure.

Care Redesign

How We Promoted Sustainable Super-Utilizer Care through Teamwork and Taking Time to Listen

Identifying hidden barriers to better care meant earning the patients’ trust and drilling down to the source of the problem.

Care Redesign

How a Cancer Center Rapidly Developed Patient-Centered Outcome Measures

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center used a streamlined methodology to arrive at measure sets for six disease sites; each set took just 1 to 2 months.

Care Redesign

How We Improved Hospitalist-Patient Communication

Easy-to-use tools, honest feedback, and incentives improved patient satisfaction scores.

Leadership I

ThedaCare Cardiovascular Care: Using a Compact Reboot as Fix for a Practice That Has “Merged, Not Integrated”

In any merger or acquisition, clear communication regarding mutual expectations is essential for a smooth integration. A codeveloped compact that spells out these expectations encourages greater candor, trust, shared accountability, and engagement on both sides.

Care Redesign I

Creating the Optimized Surgical Journey

Results from the implementation of an enhanced recovery pathway (an “Optimized Surgical Journey”) for patients undergoing cystectomy at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


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