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Lessons in Leadership: How the World’s Largest Medical Center Braced for Hurricane Harvey

Due to learnings from previous hurricanes, five success factors kept the Texas Medical Center operational during one of the worst natural disasters in recent U.S. history. Continue reading…


Lessons in Leadership: How the BayCare Health System Withstood Hurricane Irma

BayCare’s extensive disaster preparations were crucial in weathering the storm. Continue reading…


Lessons in Leadership: Transformative Collaboration Across the Care Continuum

Collaborative relationships across settings are critical to optimizing care, yet difficult to achieve. Continue reading…

Health Care Under Trump

No Stories Without Data, No Data Without Stories

We must remember to listen to the stories of the human beings on the receiving end of the policies we develop. Continue reading…

Health Care Under Trump

Making American Health Care Great Again, by Repealing and Replacing the ACA

Our nation has a great opportunity to accelerate value in health care by preserving the good in the ACA and addressing the bad. Continue reading…

Health Care Under Trump

Value-Based Care Will Persist

Much is now uncertain for health care reform, but the cost and quality pressures that have long faced providers, payers, and patients remain a serious issue. Continue reading…

Health Care Under Trump

A Memo to the Brilliant

Top-down regulation of physicians may have been a factor in Democrats’ defeat. Blind commitment to specific models of payment reform has put much into jeopardy, unnecessarily. Continue reading…

Patient Engagement
Capturing the Patient Voice

Adding Individual Insights to the Patient Experience Toolkit

Patient shadowing, hassle mapping, and empathy mapping create insights into the individual patient experience. Continue reading…

Care Redesign

Uniquely Identified: The Impact of a National Health Index

What does the NHI mean to a New Zealand clinician, researcher, and health care consumer? Continue reading…

New Marketplace
Navigating Payment Reform for Providers, Payers, and Pharma

In Your Words: Support for Single-Payer Health Care

If you could change one thing about health care payment, what would it be? Continue reading…


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