Thought Leader, Patient Engagement

Stacey Chang, MS

Executive Director
Design Institute for Health, The University of Texas at Austin

Stacey Chang serves as the Executive Director of the Design Institute for Health, a collaboration between the Dell Medical School and the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin. It is a first-of-its-kind institution, dedicated to applying design approaches to solving systemic health care challenges as an integrated part of an operating health system and a medical education and training program.

Working with invested stakeholders in the health ecosystem, and harnessing the resources of the university, the Institute is focused on creating human-centered solutions in clinical and community environments — all with the intent to improve people’s health outcomes and health care experiences. The Design Institute considers topics as broad as the design of health products and services, the built environment, and the structure and functionality of the health ecosystem itself, and is committed to sharing advances that define a new model for societal health.

Until 2014, Stacey served as the Managing Director of the health care practice at IDEO, the global design and innovation firm.  Clients included governments, research institutions, hospitals, pharma, insurance, med tech, and all the upstarts trying to rewrite the script, in both established and emerging markets.

Stacey holds a BS degree from MIT and an MS degree from Stanford University, both in engineering.

Nobody Wants a Waiting Room sketch

Care Redesign

Nobody Wants a Waiting Room

A study in system change.

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Care Redesign

Beyond Evidence-Based Medicine

Interpersonal medicine is not just about being nice — it’s about being effective.

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Patient Engagement

Biggest Challenges to Redesigning Health Care

The real value in health care systems is in human interactions.

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Is Customization a Solution?

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Can the Uber Experience Apply to Patients?

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All Health Care Interventions Fail

High-fidelity emotional relationships on the other end of an Internet connection are the way of health care’s future.

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Patient Engagement

The Hidden Truth of Patient Engagement

The success of the Toyota Prius can teach us a lot about how to positively engage patients.

Patient Engagement

Health Care — A Final Frontier for Design

Design must move beyond narrow projects and encompass complex systems.

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