Thought Leader, Leadership II

Richard D. Zane, MD, FAAEM

Chief Innovation Officer
UCHealth System

Richard Zane, MD is the George B. Boedecker, Jr. and Boedecker Foundation Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Professor of Health Administration at the University of Colorado Business School, Executive Director of Emergency Services at University of Colorado Health, and Chief Innovation Office for UCHealth System.

Dr. Zane has extensive experience in designing and implementing systems of quality, emergency care, access and clinical integration and has developed an international reputation for being able to apply modern industrial engineering and informatics practices to health care and science. Dr. Zane recently led a complete care redesign of the new emergency department at the University of Colorado Hospital. This new model of care has revolutionized emergency care delivery, is recognized nationally and internationally, and is being emulated across the United States as well as Asia.

An expert on system of emergency preparedness and mass casualty care, Dr. Zane has been active nationally and internationally on issues related to emergency preparedness, surge, and weapons of mass destruction, and he recently authored the World Health Organization Hospital Emergency Response Checklist. Surge capacity and mass casualty planning and response tools Zane designed were successfully deployed in response to Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Japan, as well as the Boston Marathon bombing. He has also worked with and received funding from the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Healthcare Resources Services Administration, and the World Health Organization for projects on hospital and system emergency preparedness.

Zane came to Colorado from Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he served as Vice Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine and Chair of the Medical Services Executive Committee. He also served as Medical Director for Emergency Preparedness and Bio-Defense for Partners HealthCare and Medical Director for MDConnect, a system-wide integration, referral, access, and transfer program.

Zane received specialty training in emergency medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he stayed on faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine before joining the faculty at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 1998.

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