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Michael Abecassis, MD, MBA

Chief of the Division of Transplantation; Founding Director
Northwestern University Comprehensive Transplant Center; Feinberg School of Medicine

Michael Abecassis, MD MBA is the J. Roscoe Miller Distinguished Professor, Departments of Surgery and Microbiology/Immunology, the Chief of the Division of Transplantation, and the Founding Director of the Northwestern University Comprehensive Transplant Center. He is also Strategic Advisor of Value-Based Care at Northwestern Memorial HealthCare. Dr. Abecassis is clinically active in kidney and liver transplantation, particularly live donor transplantation, as well as in complex hepato-biliary surgery.  In addition to his clinical and administrative activities, Dr. Abecassis has received continuous funding from the National Institutes of Health for the past 15 years, and is the principal investigator in research studies that span from studies of the molecular mechanisms of Cytomegalovirus latency and reactivation, to translational and clinical studies, including the A2ALL  (Adult to Adult Living Liver) study of health services and outcomes research in live liver donor transplantation and CTOT (Clinical Trials in Organ Transplantation) pursuing a proteogenomic biomarker strategy for both kidney and liver transplant recipients.  In 2013, based on his research in biomarker discovery and functional genomics, Dr. Abecassis co-founded a company, Transplant Genomics Inc.

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Paths to Value: The Act of Improvement versus the Habit of Excellence

Federal pay-for-performance models offer two paths to achieving value. The ultimate goal: rewarding the habit of performance excellence rather than one-time or random acts of performance improvement.

Michael Abecassis Video Still: Episodes of Care in Transplant: Why, What, When & How?

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Transplant Episodes of Care: Why, What, When, How?

Why manage episodes of care? Simple — value is the game.

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Bundled Payment: Managing Risk by Managing Variability

Variability is an opportunity to recalibrate care pathways and costs toward greater consistency, predictability, and profitability.

Michael Abecassis Video Still: Threats to Market Share Drive Innovation

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Threat to Market Share Drives Innovation

Lesson from bundled payment pioneer: Real transformation occurs when you have no choice.

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