The NEJM Catalyst Team

Matthew Cann, General Manager

Matt directed the launch of NEJM Catalyst and leads NEJM Catalyst for NEJM Group.


Namita Seth Mohta, MD, Clinical Editor

Namita helps set overall direction and strategy for Catalyst and ensures the most relevant, highest quality content for our audiences.


Edward Prewitt, Editorial Director

Ed oversees all editorial content and operations of NEJM Catalyst, ensuring that the ideas, solutions, and publications serve our audience.


Lisa Gordon, Managing Editor

Lisa oversees content assignment and editing and also manages the NEJM Catalyst editorial calendar.


Heidi Christmas, Digital Events Manager

Heidi manages all NEJM Catalyst events, including preplanning and on-site production for both live and virtual audiences.


Julia Gilstein, Online Editor

Julia publishes NEJM Catalyst content at and in our weekly NEJM Catalyst Connect e-Newsletter, ensuring consistency and quality in every article, video, interview, and case study. She also manages social media.


Jens Kueter, Information Designer

Jens interprets internal and external data to create information graphics, and designs reports and marketing materials.


Edward W. Campion, MD, Executive Editor and Online Editor, The New England Journal of Medicine

Tad is an editorial advisor to NEJM Catalyst.


Stephen Morrissey, PhD, Managing Editor, The New England Journal of Medicine

Steve is an editorial advisor to NEJM Catalyst.


Maro A. Gartside, Director of Product Development

Maro works with the NEJM Catalyst design, development, editorial, and marketing teams to create, maintain, and continuously improve NEJM Catalyst platforms and systems, helping us deliver actionable ideas and practical innovations in a meaningful and engaging way.


Jennifer Murphy, Digital Product Manager

Jennifer ensures the NEJM Catalyst site is running smoothly and meeting the needs of customers and team members.


Ann MacKay and Julie Willis, Managing Partners, Research Concepts LLC

Ann and Julie build and manage the NEJM Catalyst Insights Council, an online research panel of clinicians, clinician leaders, and health care executives.  They also conduct the research studies that enable the exchange of ideas between Council members regarding the transformation of health care.


Jill Hart, Digital Marketing Operations Manager

Jill is responsible for managing marketing automation and the lead nurturing process as well as the operations and production of high-value, high-ROI, digital marketing tactics. Jill will also provide strategic guidance, insight, and recommendations for audience targeting and segmentation to drive maximum campaign performance.


Michelle Hache, Director of Strategic Analysis and Planning

Michelle provides strategic marketing oversight as well as aided in the coordination of marketing resources to support the planning, execution, and launch of NEJM Catalyst.


Tamara Hart, Director Online Audience Development & Digital Marketing Operations

Tamara oversees the creation and execution of NEJM Catalyst marketing strategy and digital marketing.


Christine Lamb, Director of Corporate Marketing

Christine provides strategic oversight for brand marketing, social media, and communications.


Stacey Conway, Brand Marketing Manager

Stacey creates, executes, and supports brand marketing initiatives for NEJM Catalyst and ensures consistency of implementation.


Bridget Briddon, Digital Marketing Manager

Bridget develops and executes audience engagement programs and is part of the marketing team responsible for the overall marketing strategy and messaging for NEJM Catalyst.


Alex Mullen, Client Operations Manager

Alex provides analytical support and operational oversight for all client-supported activities undertaken by NEJM Catalyst.

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