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NEJM Catalyst welcomes submissions for original, instructive content that demonstrate innovative ideas and solutions to improve health care delivery. We publish articles, case studies, and longform In Depth articles. Our editorial team and leadership board give priority to peer-reviewed content.

The mission of NEJM Catalyst is to accelerate health care delivery transformation.  NEJM Catalyst publishes real-world examples and insightful, actionable solutions so that health care executives, clinical leaders, and clinicians can address the complex, urgent challenges affecting health care delivery.

Please note: We have recently changed our submission guidelines.  We now ask that you submit a draft for consideration when completing the form. This draft does not need to be final. We suggest that you review our article formats before filling out the submissions form.

If you are writing about a program or initiative, it is important to provide illustrative examples, supporting data, and outcomes, and discuss implementation challenges in the draft. Without these components, we are likely unable to accept your manuscript.

If you are writing about a product, program, or service in partnership with a vendor, please indicate that you are willing to be transparent about financial information. We will not accept manuscripts that are marketing tools or self-promotional.


In Depth article: A longform article centered around a “big idea” in health care that deserves exploration and more space than traditional articles. Contains thorough exploration of a topic, examples, objective data, and broad implications.


Case study: Our case studies follow a specific format. They define a specific problem or challenge, why your organization confronted that problem, and how you addressed it.  Sections detail implementation, lessons learned, and results to date that could benefit other organizations.  The goal is to present your interventions in an accessible format that shares practical applications and solutions to NEJM Catalyst readers.


Expert article: An article based on your experience, knowledge, or research that presents insights and inspiration on health care delivery innovation for clinical and business leaders.


Please note before submitting your manuscript: NEJM Catalyst receives many submissions, and we respond to every single submission we receive. You will receive a response from us once we have had a chance to review your submission in full.


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