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Anya Wallack, Sachin Jain, William Golden Panel Clip Still: Merging Mental Health Services and Physical Health Care

New Marketplace

Merging Mental and Physical Health Care

How can we better integrate mental and physical health services?

Panel Discussion Still: What Advice Would You Give a Premed Student?


What Advice Would You Give a Premed Student?

There’s a large chance new physicians will burn out, so how do we keep the next generation motivated?

Marc Harrison01_talk_still: Surviving - and Thriving - the Rapid Winds of Change in Healthcare


Surviving — and Thriving — in Rapid Change

What can the health care industry learn from the 1914 Endurance expedition? For one thing: bring everyone home alive.

Toyin Ajayi Panel Clip Still: Physician Vulnerability

Patient Engagement

Physician Vulnerability: What’s in It for Me?

It’s about having a system and team in place that allows physicians to act on the information patients provide.

Sadun01_panel_clip_still: Managing Physicians Is Like Being on the Atkins Diet


Managing Physicians Is Like the Atkins Diet

You don’t actually live longer, it just feels longer. How do we go about setting up a process so that that’s not the case?

Stephen Swensen08 talk clip still: Care Designed by Patients - Three Wishes


What If Our Care Were Designed by Patients?

Patients have only three wishes when it comes to how they want to be cared for, and they’re not as complicated as you might think.

Leemore Dafny Profit Cycle Talk Still: Rules of Business = Rules of Health Care

New Marketplace

Rules of Business = Rules of Health Care

The same rules of business apply for health care when it comes to new market opportunity.

Jeffrey Kosowsky and Rushika Fernandopulle Panel Clip Still: Has the ACA Discouraged Healthcare Innovation?

New Marketplace

Has the ACA Discouraged Innovation?

Should government be involved in health care innovation?

Arnold Milstein talk still: Targeting, Tailoring, and Trimming Chronic Illness Care

Care Redesign

Targeting, Tailoring, and Trimming Chronic Illness Care

Efforts to improve the overall value of care need to better manage the trajectory of those with chronic illness.

Ajayi02_panel_clip_still: How Do You Measure Patient Trust in Health Care?

Patient Engagement 2017

How Do You Measure Trust?

Creating an environment that engenders trust is critical, but is it measurable?


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