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Payer-Provider Integration

Health insurance companies and a healthcare provider may greatly benefit from systems integration. Healthcare payer and provider organizations have different goals but need to work together to generate efficiencies. How can we bridge the gap between the two parties?

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

Opportunities for Private-Sector Entrepreneurship in Health Care Transformation

Two veterans of public service say that government can do only so much — which creates attractive business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Physicians Leading | Leading Physicians

Rethinking the Challenges of Health Care: Time to Cultivate More Tri-Sector Leaders

Health care in the United States is facing several historic challenges — controlling costs, improving quality, reducing inequities — that require solutions with unprecedented collaborations across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. To meet these complex challenges, we need to cultivate “tri-sector leaders” with diverse perspectives and skill sets who can readily engage across all three sectors.

Patient Engagement
Technology to Empower Patients

Walking with Our Patients in the Community

Mobile integrated health, a disruptive home-based delivery model, repurposes existing resources and addresses critical care gaps for high-risk, high-cost populations.

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

The Committed Perspective — Policy Principles for Regional Health Plans

When we say “committed,” we mean “in it for the long haul.”

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

What U.S. Hospitals Can Still Learn from India’s Private Heart Hospitals

Cost-cutting lessons are clear, so what stands in our way?

Sachin Jain 04 talk still: How CareMore Embraced Medicaid

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

How CareMore Embraced Medicaid

There isn’t a population of patients who needs a culture of caring more than those on Medicaid.

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

Creating Physician-Owned Bundled Payments

What happened when an independent orthopedic practice took primary risk for a joint replacement bundle: Results of the first 200 patients.

Leadership 2016

Allies, Not Adversaries: Partnering with Clinicians in the Value Revolution

A conceptual shift toward seeing clinicians as allies — and not adversaries — is badly needed in the value revolution. Indeed, if long-term cost control is to be successful, those on the front lines must be empowered to serve as champions for higher-value care.

New Marketplace 2015

The Big Tent of Value-Based Care Has Room for Big Pharma

Drug companies must join providers, payers, and patients in seeing themselves as stakeholders.

Care Redesign 2016

Counting Better — The Limits and Future of Quality-Based Compensation

Clinicians hunger for compensation strategies that reflect their complex impact on health and high-value care. The process of redesigning reimbursement, however, reveals a threat to the joy and meaning of practicing medicine — and a potential path forward.


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