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Coordinated Care

Addressing the various needs of patients requires care coordination. Within an organization and along the value chain, patient care coordination can bring it all together. How can we help patients through teamwork and collaboration?

Physicians Leading | Leading Physicians

Survey Snapshot: “Culture Is What You Do, Process Is How You Do It”

Commentary from NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members on the leadership skills needed for next-generation health care.

Care Redesign
Relentless Reinvention

From Co-Located to Integrated Teams: How Utah’s Neurobehavior HOME Program Changed Its Culture

University of Utah Health incentivized coordination through integrated teams to provide better care at a lower cost for patients with developmental disabilities.

Patient Engagement
Technology to Empower Patients

Patient Engagement Survey: How to Hardwire Engagement into Care Delivery Processes

Technology and social networks can help, but nurses and care teams remain essential, say NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members.

Patient Engagement
Technology to Empower Patients

Reducing Inpatient Falls by Integrating New Technology with Workflow Redesign

How a hospital neuroscience unit uses “virtual sitters” to monitor patients at highest risk for falls.

Patient Engagement
Technology to Empower Patients

Engaging Physicians in Telehealth

The what, the why, and the how.

Patient Engagement 2017

Improved Patient Experience through Expansion of Pediatric Outpatient Pharmacy Services

How Texas Children Hospital’s “Meds to Beds” program used outpatient pharmacy to provide discharge prescriptions and achieve a 100% “very satisfied” result from patients and their families.

Care Redesign
Relentless Reinvention

Rural Health Care: Thirty Miles at Sea — Providing Consistent Care in an Inconsistent Environment

How one of the smallest hospitals in Massachusetts addresses the needs of its unique population.

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

Focusing on High-Cost Patients — The Key to Addressing High Costs?

A focus on high-cost patients may not only fail to contain health care spending, but it may also help to entrench the status quo.

Leadership 2016

Health Care Providers Must Act Now to Address the Prescription Opioid Crisis

Combatting the opioid crisis goes beyond changing prescribing practices.

Care Redesign
Relentless Reinvention

The Move to Value-Based Care in Navy Medicine

Achieving the mission of Navy Medicine to “keep the Navy and Marine Corps family ready, healthy, and on the job” requires rethinking current health care delivery models.


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