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Dynamic, engaging, video talks with innovative ideas and best practices that frame important issues.

Jeffrey Balser Talk Still: How AMCs Can Tackle Alignment

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

How AMCs Can Tackle Alignment

When you’re moving at top speed and your alignment isn’t good, it’s a problem.

Punam Keller Talk Part 3 Still: Increase Patient Compliance by Providing Actual Solutions

Patient Engagement

Increase Compliance by Providing Actual Solutions

Helping patients find solutions to what may seem like the smallest barrier can have a major impact on a patient’s compliance.

Wendy Wood Talk Part 2 Still: Creating Environments That Trigger Healthy Habits

Patient Engagement

What’s Advertising Got to Do with It?

Three ways health care systems can get involved in creating environments that trigger healthy habits.

Christine Sinsky Talk Still: What If Joy in Practice Were a Core Metric?


What If Joy in Practice Were a Metric?

Why joy in practice is missing, why it matters, and what can be done.

Barclay Berdan Talk Part 2 Still: Ebola at Texas Health - Three Lessons in Leadership


Ebola at Texas Health: Three Lessons in Leadership

There’s no manual for how to do the right thing during a crisis.

Barclay Berdan Talk Part 1 Video Still: Leading through Crisis: Ebola at Texas Health


Leading Through Crisis: Ebola at Texas Health

A timeline of the first Ebola outbreak in the United States, and how this crisis was addressed.

Niteesh Choudhry Talk Part 2 Still: Value-Based Insurance Design Theory vs. Practice

Patient Engagement

Value-Based Insurance Design: Theory vs. Practice

It sounds compelling in theory, but it’s complicated by several barriers to adoption.

Akram Boutros Talk Still: Leadership as Love


What’s Love Got to Do with Leadership? Everything.

Leadership as love is money in the bank and goodwill you can count on.

Tait Shanafelt Talk Still: Physician Burnout - Stop Blaming the Individual


Physician Burnout: Stop Blaming the Individual

More than half of physicians display signs of burnout. It’s time to stop blaming the individual and start treating burnout as a system issue.

Vivian Lee Talk Still: Leading Leaders


Leading Leaders: Leveraging Physician Drive

What if we tapped into physicians’ own innate competitive natures to play a different game: one in which they can lead?


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