Aaron Martin Talk Still: Will These Digital Health Care Innovations Truly Change Care Delivery?
Relentless Reinvention

Will This Innovation Truly Change Health Care?

A former Amazon executive offers tips for achieving scale with digital innovations in health care.

Relentless Reinvention

Survey Snapshot: Genomic Data Is Far from Clinical Use

NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members say that clinical and cost data will continue to be the most useful data sources.

Relentless Reinvention

Learning to Drive — Early Exposure to End-of-Life Conversations in Medical Training

The importance of listening to the patient at the end of life.

Relentless Reinvention

Care Redesign Survey: What Data Can Really Do for Health Care

NEJM Catalyst Insights Council members are shifting from disillusionment over the unfulfilled promises of big data to a more realistic vision of how sophisticated analytics can transform health care delivery.

Victor Montori Talk Still: The Invisible Work of the Patient
Relentless Reinvention

The Invisible Work of the Patient

Clinicians need to work with patients to understand not only what’s the matter with their biology, but also what matters to their biography.

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Can We Achieve Scale in Innovation?

Innovation and scale are inextricably tied to the future success and sustainability of health care providers.

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Measures Only Get Better When You Use Them

Optimism, innovation, and how the two go together.

Scott Weingarten Talk Still: Decision Support: The Self-Driving Cars of Health Care
Relentless Reinvention

The Self-Driving Cars of Health Care

Decision support is transforming the way we drive a car. Why shouldn’t it also transform the way we care for patients?

Relentless Reinvention

P4 Medicine and the Democratization of Health Care

“P4 health care” — predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory — will use the astonishing power of systems medicine and big data to bring cutting-edge scientific wellness to everyone, improving health and saving money.

Benjamin Chu Talk Still: The Boom and Bust of Managed Care
Relentless Reinvention

The Boom and Bust of Managed Care

The CEO of Memorial Hermann applies lessons learned from the managed care boom and bust of the 1990s to improving care today.

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