Relentless Reinvention

Data Graphic: Impact of Disruptors to Traditional Care Delivery

How can health care disruptors improve patient experience if traditional organizations won’t change?

Amy Compton-Phillips Talk on Health Care Redesign Image Still: How Health Care Is Like Buying a TV
Relentless Reinvention

How Health Care Is Like Buying a TV

We need to design systems that are easy to shop for, easy to buy, easy to use — and that solve for health.

Relentless Reinvention

An Image of Medical Complexity

It’s no wonder the general public can’t decode the complexity of health care finance when MDs and PhDs can’t either.

Relentless Reinvention

Can Virtual Palliative Care Consultations Be Successful?

How the University of Alabama at Birmingham is changing the way palliative care consultations are managed, both face to face, and face to screen.

Relentless Reinvention

What Happens When We Can’t Cope — Part 1

Increased workload is only part of the problem when it comes to physicians’ — and patients’ — inability to cope.

Relentless Reinvention

The Challenges of Health Care Innovation’s “Bright, Shiny New Toys”

Physicians are worried that embracing new innovations will lead to the same problems that came with EHRs.

Victor Montori01 Panel Clip Still: New Healthcare Innovation: Let Humans Do the Human Thing
Relentless Reinvention

Allow Humans to Do the Human Thing

New innovations can often be yet another thing clinicians have to do on top of everything else, except when they do just the opposite.

Aaron Martin01 Panel Clip Still - One Health Care Industry Is a Myth
Relentless Reinvention

The Health Care Industry Is a Myth

Instead, says Aaron Martin, it’s a collection of very small industries.

Tom Lee Video Clip Still: Value-Based Care & Relentless Reinvention: Attacking the Known Unknowns
Relentless Reinvention

Relentless Reinvention: Attacking the Known Unknowns

We’ve got to improve the value of care. That was true before the election, is true today, and will still be true when the next election comes along.

Relentless Reinvention

Relentless Redesign in Health Care

We are living through the next huge shift in health care: the age of value.

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