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My Favorite Slide: Sources of Regulations with Which a Single Health System Must Comply

Blog Post · April 21, 2016

Jeff Thompson's Favorite Slide: Government Regulations for Health Systems

Government regulations for health systems. Click To Enlarge.

This slide was built by Kari Adank, Gundersen Health System’s Chief Compliance Officer, to help explain the cost and struggles to obey the rule of law. Although the U.S. Constitution does not mention health, over the last 200 years health care’s vital role has resulted in thousands of federal, state, local, and non-governmental rules from well-intentioned lawmakers and regulators who are trying to improve on a complex system.

Every hospital and health system will have a somewhat different set of regulators, but the volume and lack of coordination across governing bodies and agencies consistently results in conflicting laws, inefficiency, and a focus on the rules, taking attention away from the well-being of patients and communities.

This is not a recent or ill-intended outcome. However, the illustration should help remind us of the need for agency reconciliation, interstate compacts, and coordination of language and definitions, to name just a few of the many interventions that can be used to reduce complexity and improve care.

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