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My Favorite Slide: A Framework for Promoting Meaningful Physician Engagement

Blog Post · September 26, 2016

Patrick Kneeland's Favorite Slide: Engaging Physicians in Patient Experience Improvement

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Engagement of physicians to help lead patient experience improvement efforts is critical. At the same time, many health care leaders seek a framework for understanding the types of interventions that are likely to promote meaningful physician engagement. This slide represents an action-priority matrix framework that can be utilized to promote consideration for a commitment to experience improvement efforts that go beyond analysis of regulatory CAHPS data. When presented in context, the move from strategies that are “low effort” but also “low yield,” toward those that require a stronger commitment (higher effort) — but will likely lead to higher yield — become apparent. As the Medical Director for Patient and Provider Experience at University of Colorado Hospital, I utilize this framework to facilitate conversations internally, and have also found versions of this framework useful in engaging regional and national audiences. This framework has been an important aspect of garnering support and financial resources for recent initiatives, including a patient-physician communication curriculum; a pilot of process improvement “sprint” teams to support real-time EHR workflow streamlining; and the adoption of patient survey strategies that promote increasingly actionable patient experience data.


This slide originally appeared in NEJM Catalyst on February 19, 2016.

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