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Insights Exclusive: Are Retail Clinics Helping or Hurting Primary Care?

Insights Report · July 7, 2016

Retail Clinics — Helping or Hurting Primary Care?

Retail Clinics — Helping or Hurting Primary Care? Click To Enlarge.

The most recent NEJM Catalyst survey on Care Redesign provides an intriguing take on whether retail clinics improve or harm primary care. Results show that Insights Council members — made up of health care executives, clinicians, and clinical leaders — are divided on this issue. In the face of the expanding presence of retail clinics around the United States, only 22% of Insights Council respondents believe such clinics are helping primary care, while 36%­ believe retail clinics are hurting primary care. A closer look at the data reveals that, by a two-to-one margin, executives (34%) are more inclined than clinicians (17%) to believe that retail clinics are helping primary care. Meanwhile, many more respondents from physician organizations (55%) than hospitals (33%) or health systems (23%) believe primary care is being hurt by retail clinics. Health system respondents were the most ambivalent; 51% said primary care is neither helped nor hurt by retail clinics.

Read the full Care Redesign Report: “In the Push for Convenient Care, Protect the Patient-Doctor Relationship.”

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A weekly email newsletter featuring the latest actionable ideas and practical innovations from NEJM Catalyst.

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