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Manage for Population Health or Volume — Not Both

If you’re doing the right thing to transform care delivery, your organization can bear the cost. Continue reading…


Data Graphic: The ACA Repeal Update

NEJM Catalyst’s regular review of proposed health care legislation as it compares to the Affordable Care Act. Continue reading…

Patient Engagement

The Patient as Consumer and the Measurement of Bedside Manner

Many physicians do not believe patient satisfaction is a legitimate pursuit. Yet they must meet consumers of health care where they are — on Internet ratings sites. Continue reading…


Data Graphic: How the American Health Care Act Will Impact Americans

Older, low-income consumers are the biggest losers when it comes to impact on premiums. Continue reading…

Patient Engagement

Coming April 2017: Hardwiring Patient Engagement

Join us in April as NEJM Catalyst kicks off Hardwiring Patient Engagement. Continue reading…

Patient Engagement

A/B Testing Health Behavior

Health care can’t implement changes overnight like Silicon Valley, but we can still learn from their version of treatment and control. Continue reading…


My Favorite Slide: The Entrepreneurial Gap Applied to Health Care

When physicians become accountable for results beyond their immediate control, they are forced to become entrepreneurs for better health care. Continue reading…

Patient Engagement

Social Interventions Can Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes

We can better serve our under-resourced patients by helping them access treatments and social interventions we already know to be effective. Continue reading…

Care Redesign
Relentless Reinvention

Can We Achieve Scale in Innovation?

Innovation and scale are inextricably tied to the future success and sustainability of health care providers. Continue reading…

New Marketplace
New Risk, New Business Models

Going Dutch: Using Social Capital in Health Care

There is no reason that the opportunities created by social capital cannot be realized in other countries. Continue reading…


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