Thought Leader, Patient Engagement

Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD

Executive Director
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Niteesh K. Choudhry is an internist and health services researcher whose work focuses on the development and evaluation of novel strategies to improve health care quality and reduce spending. He is an Associate Professor Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the founding Executive Director of the Center for Healthcare Delivery Sciences and an Associate Physician in the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he is also a practicing hospitalist. Much of Dr. Choudhry’s current research deals with non-adherence to evidence-based medications, a problem that is estimated to cost almost $300 billion annually in the U.S. alone. He has led and is leading numerous clinical trials embedded in real-world health systems aimed at addressing this issue. A second focus of Dr. Choudhry’s work is predictive analytics: he seeks to identify which patients will ultimately become non-adherent to their prescribed therapies and why and when this will occur. He and his colleagues have applied and evaluated novel quantitative methods for clustering patients into longitudinal and dynamic adherence trajectories, shown their relationship to long-term clinical outcomes, and demonstrated the capacity to predict a patient’s membership in each of these adherence trajectories with great accuracy. In ongoing work, he and his colleagues are exploring the ability of novel data sources, such as retail purchasing information and electronic health record data, to improve the ability to predict future non-adherence. Dr. Choudhry, who is Canadian by upbringing, attended McGill University, received his MD and completed his residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto and then served as Chief Medical Resident for the Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals. He earned his PhD in Health Policy from Harvard University. He has published over 175 peer-reviewed journals and has won numerous awards for research, teaching, and mentoring.

David Asch and Niteesh Choudhry Panel Clip Still: Social Incentives vs. Privacy - Removing the Friction

Patient Engagement

Social Incentives vs. Privacy: Removing the Friction

People are more willing to be social about their health than you might think.

Patient Engagement Panel Clip Still: Can—and Should—Benefit Design Be Standardized?

Patient Engagement

Can—and Should—Benefit Design Be Standardized?

Our goal should be to offer the right services to the right patient at the right time.

Niteesh Choudhry Talk Part 2 Still: Value-Based Insurance Design Theory vs. Practice

Patient Engagement

Value-Based Insurance Design: Theory vs. Practice

It sounds compelling in theory, but it’s complicated by several barriers to adoption.

Patient Engagement Panel Clip Still: Physician's Role in Improving Patient Behavior

Patient Engagement

The Physician’s Role in Improving Patient Behavior

Where — and with whom — does the responsibility lie when it comes to elevating patient engagement?

Niteesh Choudhry Panel Clip Still: Value-Based Insurance Design: The Patient's Role

Patient Engagement

Value-Based Insurance Design: The Patient’s Role

How much say do patients, or consumers, have in the creation of value-based insurance?

Patient Engagement Panel Clip Still: Disruption in Hospital Health Care

Patient Engagement

‘No App for That’: Disruption in Hospital Health

Is there an Uber in health care’s future?

Niteesh Choudhry Talk Still: Value-Based Insurance Design

Patient Engagement

An Alternative Approach to Insurance Design

Redesigning health insurance, and nothing else, could have the greatest impact on patient engagement.

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